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A typical implementation plan from Yeats Clinical (based on an office with 2-5 physicians) will follow closely to the steps listed above.


(1) Project plan meeting

This meeting will generally be held between a Yeats Clinical implementation specialist and an office manager or lead physician. The meeting will go through the each of the points below in order to set an approximate timeline and plan for go-live of the EHR system.

  • Hardware and broadband (internet) requirements to be decided
  • Training requirements for all staff will be assessed; an estimation of length of training, type of training and suitable dates for each user
  • Much time will be dedicated to change management and ease of implementation of the new EHR system in your practice
  • Training dates will be decided upon and a schedule will be drawn up
  • Scanning options of existing charts will be discussed and decided
  • A super user will be identified (Staff member who is most comfortable with technology – they will get the most training and they assist in a train-the-trainer type program)

(2) Scanning and/or hardware audit

This will be carried out by one of our Yeats Clinical preferred vendor companies who have been carefully chosen and are widely recognized as champions in their field. Depending on the needs of your office, our scanning and broadband providers will give you advice on what exactly will best suit your needs.

(3) Install hardware (If required)

Our carefully chosen hardware vendors will come onsite to install hardware that has been carefully selected with your needs and requirements in mind.

(4) EMR deployment

Our technical team will come onsite to install the software onto PC’s, laptops and tablets. This deployment can also be carried out remotely. Profiles for each individual user will be customized depending on their workflow and preferences.

(5) Scanning and data entry

From the initial project plan meeting, decisions will be have made on how to enter the data. Paper charts can either be scanned into the system in batches, one by one or else that data can be entered manually.

(6) Training

We believe that training is the key to success when it comes to a seamless transition from paper charts to electronic records. Our specifically focused training will be carried a team of training specialists. The training will be a combination of live webinars, onsite one-to-one training and online demonstrations. The duration of the training will be agreed at the project plan meeting and will generally depend on the availability of the staff. From our extensive experience, a ‘train-the-trainer’ approach is typically the most efficient route to success for all staff members. Training is spread out so that each individual that is being trained can do so at a pace that they are comfortable with.

(7) Go-Live

Go-live is the period when an office will actually begin to use the system in their daily workflow. During this time, Yeats Clinical will be on-site to handhold your office through this process. With our user centric and concentrated training, the go-live process will be a very smooth and seamless process.

(8) Follow up calls

At Yeats Clinical, we see the relationship between our team and your office as more than just a contract. We pride ourselves on customer support and believe that this is what sets us apart from the rest. Our customer service team will schedule routine check-up calls to ensure that your office is seeing the true benefits of choosing Yeats Clinical EHR.


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