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10 Key Steps to Selecting Your EHR System

If you want to ensure that you get an Electronic Health Records system that meets the unique needs of your practice, ensures that everyone in your practice has “bought-in” to using it and ensure a smooth implementation process, then Yeats Clinical EHR is for you.

Here’s What You Need To Do:

  1. Involve everyone in your practice that will be using the system- from the start.
  2. Write down your practice goals.
  3. Draw up “Usability Questions” for the type of EHR system you require.
  4. Select a list of potential vendors send them the questions and compare their responses.
  5. Review information available on the web and from HIMMS etc.
  6. Draw up a Request for Proposal (RFP) that includes all your usability questions.
  7. Select a final list of vendors and book demos with them,  send them your RFP in advance.
  8. Get references:  practices using preferred vendor’s system and observe how they work in practice.
  9. Discuss the results of your findings with the preferred vendor.
  10. Make your final decision.

How Yeats Clinical Can Help

  1. Yeats Clinical will come to your practice or organize virtual demos with any/all members of your practice.
  2. Our system was designed by doctors for doctors who share your goals-outstanding quality, attention to patient care and relationships, efficiency and usability. We understand the challenge of maximizing the resources available to practices like yours.
  3.  Our EHR system was designed by doctors in small to medium-sized practices.  It  “intuits” the same workflows that your practice uses daily and is easily customized to meet your specific preferences.
  4. We would be happy to answer your “Usability Questions” by scheduling a meeting with you or over the phone at our Help Desk  on (703) 204-1460.
  5. We are happy to refer you to independent sources of help and advice to aid your search.
  6. Please find a sample Request for Proposal (RFP)  on (insert link here)
  7. We offer personalized one to one demos in your practice or on-line at a date and time that is convenient to you.
  8. We provide a list of references with each demo and would be happy to facilitate introductions
  9. Any follow-up meeting(s) required after demos, submission of quotes or return of RFP can be easily arranged.
  10. We are sure that once you see our system, how it achieves your goals and enhances your practices work-flow, you will join our rapidly expanding network of enthusiastic clients.


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